Sexual Consent Form That Went Berserk On Twitter

After the Kemen issue trying to make out with TBoss, some guys have seen it that guys are always seen as the culprit/victim of any rape/sexual incidence.
Some guys even went as far as saying some ladies would give green light but just to finish making out but the lady will scream rape.
While there was outrageous condemnation about Ay’s and Tatafoo’s comedy over TBoss of bbnaija incidence, some guys also flare that they re been harrased by ladies but that seems normal to every one, since it’s lady’s world.
While this was ongoing a Tweep in his own wisdom think there should be an agreement reached between two people before Sex can take place, since we all know that oral agreement may not be seen as valid or genuine, the handler @angelgabbyahara designed a CONSENT FORM for every guy’s use.
It’s been burning like wild fire since yesterday.

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