Kidnappers hide female banker inside bush

Kidnappers hide female banker inside bush

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a suspected kidnapper, Mr. Anthony Agidi, for allegedly belonging to a gang which abducted a female bank worker, Mrs. Ladi Garba, in July this year.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the abduction of Garba was one out of eight operations which the gang had carried out in Delta and Lagos states.

According to the police, Garba was an employee of Keystone Bank when she was kidnapped by the gang in the Lekki area of Lagos.

It was gathered that the female banker was driving a Toyota Prado Sports Utility Vehicle on her way back home in Lekki when the gang swooped on the vehicle and kidnapped her.

It was learnt that subsequently, the police went on a rescue mission to a forest in the area, where the banker was held for six days, and engaged the gang in a shootout.

During the operation, two members of the gang, identified simply as Steve and Apofure, were killed by the police, while Agidi and two others escaped.

Our correspondent gathered that Garba was rescued alive, and the police got on the trail of the fleeing gang members, which eventually led to Agidi’s arrest in Edo.


I guess to drive big cars na wahala now o! and i never buy my own.God protect us.

Stripping bare is part of the Kardashians DNA….Apparently!

Stripping bare is part of the Kardashians DNA….Apparently!

According to, Kourtney Kardashian loves being pregnant, and decided to capture the important time in her life with a nude photo shoot that was released earlier this week.

Kourtney can be seen from the side so as to best display her huge baby bump – and bare bottom – as she covers her modesty with her arms.

The 35-year-old posted the other photos from the shoot to her Instagram page, along with a quote from the interview.

‘It’s a wonderful thing to be able to show my children these photographs one day and say “This was you inside,”‘ Kourtney shared.

The release of the eldest Kardashian sibling’s pregnant nude shoot came shortly after her younger sister Kim’s fully frontal naked photos for Paper magazine.

These Kardashians sha!. Am waiting for the mother and the other sisters to post their own nude photos ….i guess it runs in the family.


kim k


Kim K ‘worn cloth’ for the release of Paper Magazine issue-we thank God!

Kim K ‘worn cloth’ for the release of Paper Magazine issue-we thank God!

Remember Kim K’s  very naked photoshots for Paper magazine? Well, she opted to flash her leg and midriff in a slinky black ensemble as she posed at the release of THAT magazine issue launched on Thursday night. ATLEAST SHE DID NOT COME NAKED, WE THANK GOD!

Floyd Mayweather battered his Ex Josie Harris

Floyd Mayweather battered his Ex Josie Harris

I just came across this news on (it was posted  last month) and am wondering is it a case of ‘what you do is who you are’? should we consider the profession of people before we date/marry them? humm! I guess that’s question for the gods. A lot of homes have turned to boxing arenas except for the absence of championship belts and the glitz/glamour associated with the game. This needs to stop but how? the women will rather conceal than report it, some even give excuses for the behavior of their husbands…I tire joor.

Please read the story.


Josie Harris, Floyd Mayweather’s former girlfriend and mother to three of his four children, spoke at length to USA Today about the physical and emotional abuse she says she endured during her relationship with the boxer.

[She] doesn’t see Mayweather much these days. Occasionally he will collect their children in person, but more often than not they are transported using the jet service he uses for much of his travel outside of Las Vegas.

It’s an arrangement she is happy with.

“(It means) I don’t have to take a Xanax before he comes, otherwise I will be sweating bullets,” Harris told USA TODAY Sports in an interview at her home 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles. “For some reason I still get anxiety when I know that he is on his way. I have no idea why, but I get really overwhelmed when I know that I have to be around him.”

Harris says she suffered physical abuse from the boxer on “six occasions,” the worst coming in September 2010, when Mayweather entered Harris’ home as she slept, yanked her to the floor by her hair, then punched and kicked and screamed cuss words at her in front of their children. It was the couple’s oldest son, Koraun, who slipped out of the house to alert a security guard to summon police.



Rihanna hits the red carpet without pants….

Rihanna hits the red carpet without pants….

Rihanna attended the 2014 British Fashion Awards at England’s London Coliseum pushing the usually boundaries of fashion in a provocative oversized tuxedo blazer from Stella McCartney. Yes…that’s all she wore. She managed to slide into a pair of black stockings, some strappy heels and some serious bling. Her diamond choker by Giuseppe Zanotti may have been the highlight of the red carpet. Rihanna finished her look with neon-lime stiletto neon.

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There is no ‘big deal’ here, afterall Kim K has gone naked.

This is what happens when you drink too much of soda.

This is what happens when you drink too much of soda.

George Prior decided to drink 10 cans of coca cola daily and gained 20 pounds in 1 month! Too much sugar has negative physical impact on our waistlines amongst other health hazards.

Madonna reveals nipples,Kim poses naked…evolution of nakedness

Madonna reveals nipples,Kim poses naked…evolution of nakedness

Few weeks ago,  Kim K succeeded in making our jaws drop in her photoshots for Paper magazine! now it’s Madonna that is making our mouths opened in her photoshots for Interview magazine . I have come across a lot of photos where parts of the body that are meant to be private are slightly and ‘stylishly’ displayed  in public glare by use of ‘see through’ clothes, deep cut wears etc but these days even the so called ‘see through’ clothes are looking like child’s play compared to the newest nakedness fad going round now…celebrities are fast becoming decent prostitutes!

Am just thinking what will happen to fashion in the future? will we even be comfortable with just being naked? or we’ll prefer to strip even the skin away.



Meet Jada Smith’s 61 years old mum. She is hot!

Meet Jada Smith’s 61 years old mum. She is hot!

Jada Smith shared a Facebook photo of her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, coming out of the water like a James Bond girl,she captioned the jaw-dropping bikini shot, writing: “Willow took this shot of her grandmother, my mother, emerging from the ocean today. She is 61!”


I really will love to age gracefully and look less my age as i grow older but then i guess it will take God’s grace and a lot of discipline on my part. I have to reduce the hours of sleep ( i sleep A LOT), hit the gym (not easy) and eat healthy (no more heavy meals at night!) , so help me God!.





FG is actually ‘vexing’ for American Government? Cancelled training of battalion.

FG is actually ‘vexing’ for American Government? Cancelled training of battalion.

The United States has announced the cancellation of the training of a battalion of the Nigeria Army, at the request of the Federal Government.

It said that the first two phases of the training were conducted between April and August, 2014, noting that it had provided untrained civilian personnel with basic soldiering skills.

A statement from the Information Office of the US Embassy in Abuja, on Monday, regretted what it described as the premature termination of the exercise programme, which it said would have trained the Nigerian soldiers to build their capacity to counter the Boko Haram terrorists.

The US government, however, said it would continue other aspects of the extensive bilateral security relationship, as well as all other assistance programmes.

The statement read, “At the request of the Nigerian government, the United States will discontinue its training of a Nigerian Army battalion. The first two phases of training were conducted between April and August 2014, and had provided previously untrained civilian personnel with basic soldiering skills.

“Based on mutual assessment of the Nigerian Army and U.S. trainers, a third iteration of training was agreed upon with the intent of developing the battalion into a unit with advanced infantry skills.

“We regret the premature termination of this training, as it was to be the first in a larger planned project that would have trained additional units with the goal of helping the Nigerian Army build capacity to counter Boko Haram.”

But a source in a strategic office close to the Federal Government operations, said Nigeria had more pressing problems to deal with than the training of military personnel, noting that members of the Nigeria Army “are well trained already and they don’t need any further training from the Americans.”

The source said, “Nigeria is facing a more pressing problems now; we need weapons to combat Boko Haram and not training. The Americans are supplying weapons and assisting Iraq to fight ISIS, but they are talking of training here. Is Nigeria not facing the same threat as Iraq that they are assisting? What we need are weapons and not training, our security personnel have all the training they required.”

Culled from PunchNews


Who is losing? I just wonder.

Zuma files notice to oppose Winnie’s application for Qunu property

Zuma files notice to oppose Winnie’s application for Qunu property

President Jacob Zuma has filed a notice to oppose Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s reported application to have access to government documents relating to Nelson Mandela’s Qunu property.

“The state attorney filed a notice to oppose the action, pending instructions from the president,” presidency spokesman Mac Maharaj said on Sunday.

Maharaj could not provide details of when the notice was filed, or any other information.

In October, Madikizela-Mandela’s attorney Mvuzo Notyesi told Sapa she filed papers in the Mthatha High Court challenging Mandela’s estate, seeking the rights to his Qunu home.

Madikizela-Mandela was the former president’s second wife for 38 years.

It emerged she was left out of his will, after he died in December last year.

Madikizela-Mandela claimed Mandela may have committed land fraud when he registered a plot of land in Qunu, Eastern Cape, in his own name.

She claims that abaThembu king Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo gave her the land when Mandela was imprisoned and that it was rightfully hers. She contends that the registration of the house under Madiba’s name was unlawful and should be set aside.

The Sunday Times earlier reported that Madikizela-Mandela’s lawyers want Zuma and the Department of Rural Development to produce information that would prove the claim that the Qunu property belonged to Mandela or to prove the validity of the property’s title deed — claims that she disputes.


Culled from Timeslive

I’ll end insurgency if elected President – Buhari

I’ll end insurgency if elected President – Buhari

A former Head of State, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has promised to end insurgency and other forms of insecurity in the country, if elected President under the platform of the All Progressives Congress in the 2015 general elections.


Why didn’t Buhari ‘share’ his strategy all these while with the current government for the sake of innocent lives that are killed almost on a daily basis?.

Inmate Impregnated 4 female guards! Na punishment bi dis or enjoyment?

Inmate Impregnated 4 female guards! Na punishment bi dis or enjoyment?

A Baltimore inmate accused of running a sophisticated jailhouse gang, and impregnating some of the guards who helped enable that gang’s profitable activities, pleaded guilty to federal racketeering conspiracy charges this week.

On Tuesday, Tavon White, nicknamed “Bulldog,” admitted in federal court to having smuggled cell phones, drugs and other prohibited goods into the jail as leader of the Black Guerilla Family, a complex and wide-reaching organization operating inside (and outside) the Baltimore City Detention Center.

And this operation was apparently a moneymaker; White boasted of making more than $15,000 in a slow month, reports the Washington Post.

That money was made with the help of what the Baltimore City Paper colorfully describes as a “harem of correctional officers,” accused of secreting items in and out of the jail and otherwise aiding BGF members in their pursuits. Four of the correctional officers said to have helped in the business side of the gang’s activities gave birth to White’s children; two of those four also got tattoos of his name, one on her neck, the other on the wrist.


Culled from Huffington Post

350,000 without light in USA-News, 160m without light in Nigeria-Normal

350,000 without light in USA-News, 160m without light in Nigeria-Normal

More than 350,000 electric customers from Maine to Virginia were without power this morning, after a storm dumped a sloppy mix of rain and snow along the East Coast.

New Hampshire residents experienced the heaviest level of outages, with more than 180,000 electric customers there reported without power this morning. More than 78,000 customers in Maine lost power, along with 55,000 customers in New York.

The storm system grounded hundreds of flights and turned highways hazardous along the congested Washington-to-Boston corridor Wednesday, fouling up transportation on one of the busiest travel days of the year. Further travel issues are expected today.

Some travelers tried to change their plans and catch earlier flights to beat the storm, and major airlines waived their re-booking fees. But most planes were already filled.

Numerous traffic accidents were reported across the Northeast Wednesday, where by midafternoon the line between rain and snow ran roughly along Interstate 95, the chief route between Washington and Boston.

Schools and businesses also closed in some areas, and state government offices let workers go home early.

Culled from Yahoo.

If Rick Ross can lose weight then you can.

If Rick Ross can lose weight then you can.

Health didn’t concern the 300-pound rapper then, but he’s shed nearly 100 pounds in the last seven months by eating healthier foods and embracing a high-intensity workout plan.

Ross, 37, says he continues to work long hours creating music, including his seventh album, “Hood Billionaire,” released Monday. It’s the second album Ross has put out this year after the March release of “Mastermind,” which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

But in the middle of making music and running his Maybach Music Group record label, Ross has made his health a main priority.

And now, he believes if he can drop pounds, you can, too.


Culled from Yahoo.

Cobbler hacks trader to death

Cobbler hacks trader to death

A 25-year-old man, Eje Ebi, has been hacked to death by a cobbler, Adesina Osinowo, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the victim was hacked with machete in the head and hand when the suspect wanted to dispossess him of some money he was taking to the market to buy clothes.

The incident happened at the Kokoro Abu Roundabout.

Culled from Punch News